How It Works

Two Distinct Ways To Utilize The Citi Bike Program:
Bike Share Membership or Hourly Rental

Hourly Rentals: An hourly rental allows a rider to keep the bike for the entire duration of the rental period. As a perk, you can also dock/park your bike at any station and check another during your rental period. The rental period starts at the time of your original transaction.

Memberships: Bike Sharing Membership is a concept that has been used very successfully in a variety of European cities, such as Paris and Barcelona. A membership allows a rider to check out and return ANY available bike from ANY station, all day long. The first 30 minutes of every ride are included for free, so it gets you from station to station where you dock/park the bike, then just grab another one when you are ready to ride again (like a taxi, but a lot more fun!). The 30 minute trip clock resets each time you arrive at a station/destination, so you get UNLIMITED 30 minute rides at no extra charge. When docked, the bike is then available for the next person to use. Since it's bike "sharing," you do not keep the bike in your possession for the whole day.

Attention Members:

We have recently upgraded to our next generation docking system for Citi Bike Miami.
Please watch our instructional video in English or Spanish to learn how to unlock the bikes with your new key fob.